How We Do It

From yarn to finished product, we oversee everything in-house. Adopting a fully integrated approach enables us to respond quickly to customer needs while ensuring top quality for our markets.

Rope Dyeing

Rope dyeing consists of twisting yarns into a rope that is then quickly dipped into indigo baths. It is considered the best method for dyeing denim as the short dyeing time does not allow the indigo to completely penetrate the fibres thus, creating ring-dyed yarn that fades better and faster as compared to fully dyed yarn. At Anubha, we only utilise Archroma's Smart Indigo Dye, a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to other dyes that disregard adverse impact effluents have on our environment.


We produce a wide variety of high quality and output looms, utilizing 100 looms from Toyota (Japan), and dust filtering systems from Luwa (Switzerland) that enable quick sampling.


Our printing mill was established in 1991, and has an annual output capacity of 40,000,000 yards of printed fabric. 


Our Printing Mill is equipped with:

- Print paste automatic weighing system

- Stormac printing machine

- 3 Rotary print with 18 colours

- Laser Engraver and CAD design

To reduce the required time for quality control and print effects, we use in-house engraving. We also offer a wide range of new print techniques such as 3-D print, shine, and glossy print.

Dyeing & Finishing

At Anubha, you are spoilt for choice. Equipped with rope dyeing and advanced finishing plants for our denim solutions; as well as special dyes for our piece dyeing fabric solutions, we are able to achieve Rusty Fade, Pastel Fade and Cool Fade effects for our textiles, all under a single roof. In addition, we offer an array of finishes and coats, the likes of wax touch, wash-down leather, PA & PA coating, high performance rain coating, water resistance, as well as wrinkle resistant in both solids and prints.

Functioning Finishing: Active sliver, odour absorbent, non-fluorocarbon water repellent finishes, Nano technology, advance wrinkle-free systems, anti-static, dual-action, high performance Teflon, Nano sphere and quick-dry.

Hand feel Finishing: Ultralux, Liquid Touch, Cashmere Touch, Washed Tencel, Super Dry and more.

Coating: Pearl-like coating, wash down leather, suede-like coating, smart tech and more.

Sueding: Ceramic, Diamond, and Carbon Peach.

Quality Control

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and equipment for quality control testing. Be it Paramount machinery for dyeing, printing and finished fabric tests, to James Heal for tearing and tensile tests, we also have Datacolour and a tube-free automatic dispensing system among others.